Heroes and Villains of New Mexico: A Collection of True Stories

Cover of "Heroes and Villains of New Mexico"Heroes and Villains of New Mexico is about people you may have heard about even though you may never have heard these stories before. They are about Spanish colonials, Mexicans, and Anglos from the time of Don Juan Oñate to the present. These are personal tales—gossip, if you will—and, when you finish a story, if you’re like me, you’ll be able to say, “I didn’t know that!”

In this book, you meet Bernardo Gruber, El Aléman, for whom the Jornada del Muerto was named. There’s Maria Gertrudis Barceló who earned public recognition funding Gen. Stephen Kearney’s Army of the West. Women played prominent roles in New Mexico—Cathay Williams, who disguised herself as a man and served as a Buffalo Soldier, Sadie Orchard, a shady lady with a heart of gold, and Sally Rooke, who stayed at her switchboard to warn customers and friends about the flooding Cimarron River. You’ll meet John Stapp, once the fastest man on earth, Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto, the planet, not the dog, and Fred Harvey, railroad mail clerk who only wanted a decent meal and a good cup of coffee. These New Mexicans plus 28 more round out the collection.

Some of genuine heroes. Some dastardly villains. Others you’ll have to decide for yourself. Fact or imagination? With these stories, it might sometimes be hard to know. Only these are real people who lived in the real world, and their stories are true to life.

Heroes and Villains of New Mexico: A Collection of True Stories, published as a 6×9 softcover by Sunstone Press of Santa Fe, is available in your favorite bookstore or online at Abe Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. It’s list price is $18.95.

ISBN 978-1-63293-225-9

It’s also available as an e-book — ISBN 978-1-61139-552-5 — List price is $4.99

The Poet & The SingerPoet-Singer-Kindle-final

What do you do when you meet your soul mate?

How should your life unfold?

Singer Anne Melandrevich, who used the stage name Annie Melodie, and her husband, Geof Barringer, the poet — two poor and struggling artists — know they’re meant for each other and make the most of the love they share. When Anne is discovered by a Nashville producer, her career skyrockets, giving them what they’ve dreamed of. But how were they to know everything they wanted was everything they had? Conflicted between supporting his wife’s career and wanting to go back to the way their lives once were, Geof becomes so envious, he leaves for Europe. There he remains, until the story’s climax challenges his and Anne’s strength and fortitude.


e-book from Amazon, $2.99

Trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and other booksellers, $16.99

ISBN 978-1-365-31864-1

Awards for The Poet & The Singer

•First place, Adult Novels, New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest

•Second place, Adult Novels, National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest

•Finalist, Adult Fiction, Arizona-New Mexico Book Awards

Running Free — An Adventure Novel for Young AdultsRunning Free Cover

Hap Creighton’s biologist mother is trying to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone National Park. Heather Wellingham’s rancher father is dead-set against her. When Hap, who is seventeen, and Heather, a year younger, decide to release the captive-raised wolves and see what they do in the wild, little do they realize what’s in store for them … an exciting and dangerous wilderness adventure that tests not only their stamina and courage but also that of their parent’s. What they learn reinforces their desire to preserve the world’s natural beauty and all its creatures.

The story is set prior to 1995 when there were no wolves in Yellowstone, the last wild wolf having been hunted and killed in the 1930s.

Trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and other booksellers, $13.95

ISBN 978-1-4357-1719-0

Praise for Running Free

Linda Jacobs, award-winning author of Lake of Fire, recipient of the New Mexico Press Women best novel, and a Spur Finalist:

Bud Russo has created a gripping what-if story about the reintroduction of the wolf to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Aimed at youth, with an accompanying naturalist’s notebook, the novel reads equally well for an adult audience.

Nathan Small, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance:

Russo skillfully infuses a timeless American truth throughout Running Free: in wilderness, we find space to overcome old demons and create new beginnings, to the surprise and delight of our oft-jaded world. I love the way it softly asks us to consider the transformational powers of wilderness and wild country.