Award-winning author Bud Russo first came to New Mexico as a student in the 1960s.

When I graduated from New Mexico State University, I began work as a technical writer for the Manned Space Flight Program at the very beginning of America’s venture into space. That was a close as I could come to a life-long dream of being the first man to walk on the moon.

After earning a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University, I turned to industrial journalism – making a career of writing about factories and manufacturing technologies all over North America as well as Europe and Asia, where I not only learned how people of different cultures live but also satisfied my curiosity about how the world works.

After 40 years, I returned to New Mexico to find the sunshine and retire. My retirement was quite short.

In 2008, I became travel writer for Southwest Senior newspaper and an owner/producer of Explore! New Mexico, where my business partner and I created 780 New Mexico Mile Markers — two-minute radio stories about the people, places, history and culture of New Mexico airing daily for three years on public radio across the state. From time to time, I am converting the radio scripts to stories that appear in the Mile Market tab.

My travel articles have appeared in a number of publications, including New Mexico Journey magazine, Las Cruces Magazine, Neighbors Magazine, and the Las Cruces Sun-News.

I began writing fiction in the mid-1970s. I have published two young adult novels, an adult mainstream novel, and a non-fiction collection of stories about New Mexico heroes and villains, and now American Phoenix.

When not working, I devote my leisure to hiking, camping, and visiting natural and historic sites and parks … and, of course, writing about my adventures.

I live in the enchanted Chihuahua Desert and am actively involved with the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, National Federation of Press Women, and New Mexico Press Women.