Bud’s Worldview and Commentary

January 10, 2018

Why I’m Blogging …

New web sites — as of this date — are intriguing, often thought provoking. But without a way for the viewer to respond, it’s decidedly a one-way street and woefully lacking in the kind of community interaction many website developers hope to achieve.

Therefore, I’m starting a blog. For the past dozen years, I’ve lived and traveled throughout New Mexico, writing stories for local papers and magazines. Cheryl Fallstead, my friend and business partner, and I did a radio program for three years, writing an producing New Mexico Mile Markers. I’ve decided to include some on my website, under the Mile Marker tab.

Learning about the people, places, history and culture of New Mexico has been an intellectually stimulating endeavor. Where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen has been an adventure. The people I’ve met and interviewed has been a sheer delight. And I want to share these experiences, perhaps provode a comment or two of your own experiences.

At regular intervals, I will comment on my travel experiences, which continue. It’s what gets me out of bed each day. I will engage you in my other interests, namely commercial and personal spaceflight, water issues in a desert envronment, and promoting preservation and conservation of the natural beauty of the only planet in the universe of which we are certain there is life.

So … come away with me … join me in this adventure. Let’s talk about what we’ve seen, how we feel about it, what we like or dislike, and — if we disagree — how we can find common ground on the predominent issue of stewardship of earth. I invite you to comment and I promise to reply to every response, with the exception of any that personally disparage or demean.

Ready! Set! Go!

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