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Welcome to my web site. If you like stories as much as I do, you’ll find much of interest here. Besides information about my latest book and my previously published works, there are — under the Other Writings tab — essays and short stories for you to enjoy. Also, check out my blog. I’ve established it so we can have a conversation about topics of common interest. For me, that’s the people, places, history, and culture of New Mexico, commercial and personal spaceflight, natural history and conservation of the natural world.

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The Poet & The Singer

What do you do when you meet your soul mate?Poet-Singer-Kindle-final

How should your life unfold?

Singer Anne Melandrevich, who used the stage name Annie Melodie, and her husband, Geof Barringer, the poet — two poor and struggling artists — know they’re meant for each other and make the most of the love they share. When Anne is discovered by a Nashville producer, her career skyrockets, giving them what they’ve dreamed of. But how were they to know everything they wanted was everything they had? Conflicted between supporting his wife’s career and wanting to go back to the way their lives once were, Geof becomes so envious, he leaves for Europe. There he remains, until the story’s climax challenges his and Anne’s strength and fortitude.