PROMO COVER - 1What would happen to America if the “Billionaire Class” won control of the nation’s wealth and all its power? And, what would happen if a handful of Patriots wanted it back?

Autocrat Aaron Blighman and his 300-member Council for American Unity, Security, and Equality (CAUSE) have won The War within the Billionaire Class. CAUSE has grabbed control of America … nearly all of its wealth and political power, virtually enslaving the nation. Blighman is far too confident — and too arrogant — to entertain an idea as ridiculous as insurrection.

That is, until Tom Hopkins discovers in a box of banned books the American Republic that once was. He joins a nascent revolution group his mother belongs to. It’s her way of saving his life from the Regulators, Blighman’s secret police. But, to Tom, the organization seems to be going nowhere. Then, an event forces him to act, changing his motivation from revolution to revenge. With his group of young revolutionaries, who call themselves Free Americans, he begins a journey sure to resurrect American freedom, rising from its ashes like the mythical Phoenix. He challenges CAUSE in an act of patriotism … and retribution.

Stirring up revolution, Free Americans wreak havoc across the country from Boston to Taos. Along the way, they recruit many to their cause. The disaffected. The disenchanted. The disheartened. Their courage and commitment to American values helps them stand fast and confront the powerful oligarchs. Facing the Regulators in Taos, the Free Americans know their journey has come to an end. But … can they, will they, succeed in regaining their country? You’ll find the answer at the end of the book.

ISBN 978-1-7923-6765-6— List price is $19.95.

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It’s also available as an e-book — ISBN 978-1-7923-6766-3 — List price is $4.99